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Pot Size Reference Guide


100mm - The most commonly used for herbs, perrenials and seedlings


140mm - Most commonly used for shrubs, grasses, ground covers and perennials. They are cheaper and smaller then the other sizes and are perfect for mass plantings and people who don't mind waiting a while for their garden to establish.


200mm - This is the most commonly used pot size. Plants this size are small enough to establish quickly, but large enough to make an impact when first planted. Good for creating that instant effect.


250mm - In this size you will get more advanced and usually 'specimen' plants, usually a one off in the garden. Plants in this size will establish quicker and they are also good for creating that instant garden that looks like it have been there for a while and instant hedges that will take less time to grow together.


300mm - This pot is ideal for planting a semi-established garden. Plants will again be larger and have been growing for about 3 - 5 years depending on the variety.


500mm - Plants in these pots are semi-mature shrubs and small trees which will have a pretty good root system. Plants will give an instant impact in the garden.


15lt - Small Citrus in mainly sold in this size. The pot is actually a plastic bag which is ideal for the citrus to grow in.


75lt - This pot size is used for larger citrus and feature. Trees are 4-5 years old and well established, perfect for immediate impact.


100lt - Plants in this size will be taller trees. They are semi mature and once planted it will look like it has been there for years.

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